Chemical Dosing

Precise control of your chemical dosing ensures that you can maintain disinfectant levels and also avoid wasting resources. In order to do this, you need to have equipment capable of accurate monitoring of the residual levels of chemicals in your process water.

So long as you have a residual of chlorine or chlorine dioxide in the water, it will always have a potential to disinfect bacteria.

Prodose specifies and supplies instrumentation and control systems with premium quality sensors that are capable of very accurate and precise measurement. Using this equipment, we create systems that monitor residual levels in real time, maintain chemical dosing and alert you to any issues that may occur.

These continual live data feeds can be remotely accessed for 24/7 monitoring. Reports generated by the system can be stored for future auditing and traceability purposes.

Prodose has an extensive track record in specifying and installing chemical dosing systems. Our consultants have chemical engineering knowledge, which means that our emphasis is on finding you a solution that will provide dosing appropriate to your requirements in the medium and longer term.

For all your chemical dosing enquiries, speak to us before you do anything else.

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Electrochlorination is the process of using salt, water and electricity to produce a low pH Sodium Hypochlorite solution directly on site. It is highly efficient because the system can respond to the levels of free chlorine in the water and apply dosing only when required.

Our range of AMPRO electrochlorinators are ideal for many of these applications and come with a full after sales support package. These machines are ideal for small footprint systems and have features such as integral hydrogen degassing, making them safer for installation by third parties.

Our advice is impartial, and we won’t advise a course of action or recommend a piece of equipment unless we know it offers a genuine benefit to your process.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide is, quite simply, a more powerful oxidising agent than chlorine in every way. It works better as a disinfectant and has the advantage of also breaking down odours.

If you think a Chlorine Dioxide generator might be the best way to go, it is worth getting the benefit of our advice first. We are not on commission and have no interest in selling devices unless they are the most appropriate and effective option for your particular process.

Instrumentation & Control

Instrumentation and controllers are fundamental to our ability to control water treatment processes. It is through the use of reliable and accurate instrumentation that monitors key parameters within the water that we are able to provide information back to the controllers that in turn govern the process.

With a range of single parameter and multi-parameter controllers Prodose are able to supply instrumentation and control systems to meet the most difficult of disinfection control applications.

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