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When you work with Prodose, you get a service that is focused on your particular business and your specific challenges. We achieve this by always planning every project using our tried and tested process. The Prodose Process ensures that we first gain a full understanding of your operation and aims, and then make certain of your agreement regarding what you need to achieve. When the project is running, the process keeps everything on track. It’s the recipe for an organised, collaborative and customer-centred delivery.


Here we take a detailed look at your site and processes in order to gain a complete understanding of the space in which you operate and your methods of working. We also gather any relevant data.

We will discuss the options available to you and understand your preferences. With a full picture of your operation, we then start looking at alternative approaches and solution options.


This is where we go away and draw up a summary of available options and define the scope of the improvements needed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your system.

We present this to you in a format that everyone can understand, using visuals where appropriate.  An initial costing of the options will be established.


Where multiple solutions exist, we will call or meet up with you and your team to present our ideas.

When you have seen the options available, we can then discuss them in detail and agree the best way forward.


Based on what we have agreed, Prodose will create a detailed quotation along with realistic, timed plan with target dates.

Our quote contains full costings, so there are no “hidden extras” in terms of fees.


Following receipt of your instructions to proceed… During the implementation of the project, we oversee the entire operation.

This includes providing technical drawing Risk Assessment and Method statements, installing, and commissioning any new equipment to ensure everything works according to plan. We will provide training to staff to ensure they know how to correctly and safely operate the equipment.


Once your enhanced system is up and running, Prodose remains on hand to fine tune and monitor performance. We also carry out planned preventative maintenance on a regular basis and advise on any future upgrades that may be required.

We can respond to call outs in the event of anything untoward happening or revisit training for new employees responsible for handling the systems.


Our advice is completely impartial because we don’t have contracts or partnerships with any specific equipment vendors. If you would like to assess your existing disinfection system or process and see what improvements might be possible, we are the experts you need to talk to.

Latest Projects

Major UK Stadium Case Study
Major UK Stadium Case Study

Case Study: Stadium water supplyThe dosing of water supplies with chlorine dioxide is a very common and effective method of preventing Legionella within buildings and facilities. Prodose has recently specified and installed a chlorine dioxide generation system in a...

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Bagged Salad Producer
Bagged Salad Producer

A supplier of bagged salads approached us in 2015 to see if we could help them streamline their disinfection process and save costs. The company produces various products for a number of clients. This includes privately labelled items for some well-known supermarkets....

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Our Recent Articles


What is the Electrochlorination Process?

What is the Electrochlorination process? Electrochlorination is the process of applying an electrical current to salt water to produce dilute sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and hydrogen gas. The resultant sodium hypochlorite solution contains between 0.7%-1% chlorine....

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Chlorine Dioxide and Legionella Control

Chlorine Dioxide and Legionella Control Legionella is a bacterium found in soil and water. When it occurs outdoors, it usually does so in low concentrations and doesn’t cause problems. However, when it grows inside artificial water systems, such as hot tubs, hot water...

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Chlorine Dioxide and Water Treatment for Plant Nurseries

Chlorine Dioxide and Water Treatment for Plant Nurseries Horticultural facilities, such as plant nurseries, face many of the same water sanitation issues as their agricultural counterparts. These issues include keeping ornamental and food plants healthy, maintaining...

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