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Water is often a key requirement in manufacturing because it is frequently needed during production processes. When water is required on an assembly line it needs to be quickly and constantly available. Anything that adversely affects this can have a huge impact on the business performance.

When your water distribution system is optimised and using the most appropriate chemical dosing processes, you can avoid supply interruption issues, optimise water usage and reduce energy consumption.

Whichever chemical solution you are currently using, be it either a chlorine-based system, sodium hypochlorite or manually dosing, Prodose can often find ways to improve productivity and ultimately drive down costs.

Traceability and auditing will help your business to improve performance, protect valuable environmental resources and ensure customer satisfaction.

Prodose engineers are much more than providers of technological solutions. Our track record means we have seen many situations before and have also developed the intuitive know-how to overcome new challenges.

Water treatment is just one part of many daily activities required to keep businesses running safely and smoothly. The more you can automate and remotely monitor this process, the more time and resources you have to use in other important areas.

We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to help get your water disinfection and supply process running automatically with real-time monitoring and reporting.

Integrated components within manufacturing lines will require MTTR (mean time to repair) and MTBF (mean time between failure). And water is no different.

Industry 4.0 and understanding where we fit

Manufacturing is embarking on the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) This will mean greater integration of physical production with digital technologies increasing levels of productivity.

There are 3 main areas:
IOT internet of things
Big data
Security and infrastructure

Businesses are now obtaining more detailed data and using it to make better decisions. This is because it provides greater insights into what is really going on, such as the ways in which a product is being used or how production processes are performing. Issues or problems can be acted upon quickly, maximising equipment efficiencies, minimising downtime and gaining new data-driven insights to help drive growth strategies and respond to customer demands.

This revolution is not just about new technology but how the technology is joined up in order to work better, with the result that businesses can be more productive and efficient thanks to greater insights and information.

Whether looking for a new standalone system or integration into an existing production line, Prodose are the experts to help so please get in touch.

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Electrochlorination is the process of using salt, water and electricity to produce a low pH Sodium Hypochlorite solution directly on site. It is highly efficient because the system can respond to the levels of free chlorine in the water and apply dosing only when required.

Our range of AMPRO electrochlorinators are ideal for many of these applications and come with a full after sales support package. These machines are ideal for small footprint systems and have features such as integral hydrogen degassing, making them safer for installation by third parties.

Our advice is impartial, and we won’t advise a course of action or recommend a piece of equipment unless we know it offers a genuine benefit to your process.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide is, quite simply, a more powerful oxidising agent than chlorine in every way. It works better as a disinfectant and has the advantage of also breaking down odours.

If you think a Chlorine Dioxide generator might be the best way to go, it is worth getting the benefit of our advice first. We are not on commission and have no interest in selling devices unless they are the most appropriate and effective option for your particular process.

Instrumentation & Control

Instrumentation and controllers are fundamental to our ability to control water treatment processes. It is through the use of reliable and accurate instrumentation that monitors key parameters within the water that we are able to provide information back to the controllers that in turn govern the process.

With a range of single parameter and multi-parameter controllers Prodose are able to supply instrumentation and control systems to meet the most difficult of disinfection control applications.

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