Product Strength Monitoring

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The AMPRO Monitor & Control sensor enables continuous online monitoring of your electrochlorination system. Through the use of an inline optical sensor fitted to the outlet pipework of any Prodose AMPRO electrochlorinator the sodium hypochlorite product strength and temperature can be continuously monitored.

This valuable process information can be used to monitor disinfection performance and prolong electrolytic cell lifespan.

Through the concentration and temperature monitoring facility the system provides an early warning for potential incorrect systems settings that can lead to poor chlorine strength and damage the system.

The AMPRO Monitor & Control also has the option to upgrade the system to remote monitoring enabling process data from the electrochlorinator and sensor to be accessed online, enabling real-time system monitoring from anywhere in the world for rapid assessment of downtime events and more effective system management.


  • Product Strength monitoring
  • Product Temperature monitoring
  • No Maintenance
  • Quarterly Calibration
  • Early warning of system setting errors
  • Maintain high solution concentration
  • Remote communications
  • Minimise cost of ownership

Product Specification


The remote monitoring option enables the system to be monitored online via either a 3G/4G connection or LAN connection.The remote monitroing software can be configured so the client can view the actual system status, electrochlorinator andstorage tank outlet strengths, and liquid temperature.


An optical sensor shines a near UV wavelength light through the Sodium Hypochlorite solution. The amount of light absorbed by the Sodium Hypochlorite is proportional to the Chlorine concentration within the Sodium Hypochlorite solution.Calibration is done simply by comparison to tritation tests kits, and is generally on a 3 to 6 month schedule. Calibration is via simple to use wizard accessible on the controller display

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