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Water has many industrial applications and it often requires treatment and disinfection. This may involve treating the water prior to use, afterwards in order to make wastewater safer, or a combination of both.


With our chemical engineering credentials and experience in the industry, including working for major utility providers as well as with many different businesses, Prodose has both the qualifications and track record to be your expert partner when it comes to advice on all aspects of water supply and disposal.

Another reason to work with us is the fact that we are not agents for equipment suppliers nor are we tied to any contracts with equipment manufacturers, so the advice we offer is truly impartial.

Our aim on any project is always the same: to find the best possible way to solve your water treatment and disinfection requirements, while respecting your processes and preferred methods of working as much as possible.

We can help with:

Drinking water treatment
Food washing
Boreholes and private water sources

And much more. Whatever your water-related issue, talk to us for an unbiased, expert view.


Our advice is completely impartial because we don’t have contracts or partnerships with any specific equipment vendors. If you would like to assess your existing disinfection system or process and see what improvements might be possible, we are the experts you need to talk to.

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What is the Electrochlorination Process?

What is the Electrochlorination process? Electrochlorination is the process of applying an electrical current to salt water to produce dilute sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and hydrogen gas. The resultant sodium hypochlorite solution contains between 0.7%-1% chlorine....

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Chlorine Dioxide and Legionella Control

Chlorine Dioxide and Legionella Control Legionella is a bacterium found in soil and water. When it occurs outdoors, it usually does so in low concentrations and doesn’t cause problems. However, when it grows inside artificial water systems, such as hot tubs, hot water...

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Chlorine Dioxide and Water Treatment for Plant Nurseries

Chlorine Dioxide and Water Treatment for Plant Nurseries Horticultural facilities, such as plant nurseries, face many of the same water sanitation issues as their agricultural counterparts. These issues include keeping ornamental and food plants healthy, maintaining...

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